ISSN: 2630-5720 | E-ISSN: 2687-346X
Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine: A Case Report []
. 2019; 59(4): 396-398 | DOI: 10.14744/hnhj.2018.36854

Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine: A Case Report

Davut Tekyol1, İbrahim Altundağ1, Nihat Müjdat Hökenek2
1Department of Emergency Medicine, Haydarpasa Numune Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
2Department of Emergency Medicine, Kartal Dr. Lutfi Kirdar Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

The complaint of headaches is a frequent application to the emergency department. Most of the patients have a benign primary headache. Thus, fast and effective treatment is sufficient. A 24-year-old patient was admitted to the emergency department with symptoms of headache, slowing down in speech, numbness and weakness on the left side. After the examinations, the patient was diagnosed with a hemiplegic migraine attack. During follow-up, the patient's muscular weakness and symptoms totally improved, and migraine prophylaxis was started. Hemiplegic migraine, a rare subtype of migraine that characterized by recurrent focal weakness and headache episodes, was reviewed on this case.

Keywords: Hemiplegia, hemiplegic migraine; migraine; sporadic hemiplegic migraine

Davut Tekyol, İbrahim Altundağ, Nihat Müjdat Hökenek. Sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine: A Case Report. . 2019; 59(4): 396-398

Corresponding Author: Davut Tekyol, Türkiye
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