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[Haydarpasa Numune Med J]
Haydarpasa Numune Med J. 2023; 63(3): 316-321 | DOI: 10.14744/hnhj.2022.01069

Clinical Spectrum of Acute Poisoning Cases Admitted to the Pediatric Emergency Department

Muhammed Selçuk Sinanoğlu, Erhan Berk
Department of Pediatrics, Malatya Turgut Ozal University, Faculty of Medicine, Malatya, Türkiye

INTRODUCTION: Pediatric poisoning is a common emergency worldwide. Routine surveillance is necessary for public health officials and physicians to update strategies for pediatric poisoning prevention and management. In this study, we aimed to investigate the epidemiology of poisoning among children admitted to the emergency department.
METHODS: In this study, the epidemiological features of 110 cases of poisoning brought to Malatya Training and Research Hospital Pediatric Emergency Service between March 2020 and December 2021 were retrospectively reviewed and examined.
RESULTS: Hospital admissions are most frequently seen in the age groups of 1–3 (52.7%) and 12–18 (23.6%) years. Of 110 poisoning cases, 56.4% were drug poisoning and 54.5% of them were girls. While there are no symptoms in 74.5% of the cases, the most common symptom is abdominal pain with 40.7%. 92.7% of the patients needed intensive care. Only 45.5% of the cases were followed up and gastric lavage was performed with activated charcoal in 23.6% of them.
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: Childhood poisoning has an important place among the reasons for admission to the hospital. Early detection of poisonings and appropriate approach are lifesaving. Parenting advice and protective safety measures are important.

Keywords: Drugs, intoxication, pediatric emergency.

Muhammed Selçuk Sinanoğlu, Erhan Berk. Clinical Spectrum of Acute Poisoning Cases Admitted to the Pediatric Emergency Department. Haydarpasa Numune Med J. 2023; 63(3): 316-321

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