ISSN: 2630-5720 | E-ISSN: 2687-346X
The Medical Journal Of Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital - Haydarpasa Numune Med J: 50 (2)
Volume: 50  Issue: 2 - 2010
1.The Role of Carbondioxide Angiography in Blunt Splenic Trauma
Aslıhan Semiz Oysu, Kyung J. Cho, Sinan Şahin
Pages 59 - 64

2.The Prevalence of Posttraumatic Stress Risorder in Children Hospitalized for Acute Burn
Dilek Güntepe, Ufuk Buluğ, Işılay Altıntaş, Hakan Yanar, Ülkü Göktürk
Pages 65 - 71

3.The Parental Awareness of Chıld's Anxiety Symptoms Following Acute Burn
Dilek Güntepe, Ufuk Buluğ, Işılay Altıntaş, Hakan Yanar, Ülkü Göktürk
Pages 72 - 79

4.Diagnostic Value of Transcranial Sonography in Patients with Restless Legs Syndrome; Preliminary Results
Emir Şilit, M. Cem Dönmez
Pages 80 - 83

5.Evaluation of The Patients Who Have Diagnosed for The First Time as Acute Rheumatic Fever With Respect to Epidemiological, Clinical and Laboratory Findings
Mehmet Veysel Bayoğlu, Duygu Sömen Bayoğlu, Nihal Karatoprak, Çağatay Nuhoğlu, Nevzat Aykut Bayrak, Ömer Ceran
Pages 84 - 90

6.Adult Patient in Hemodialysis of Whom, “Sevalemer” Prescription Ca and Adjust Ca Between are There Difference?
Yazar H., Başarılı MK, Büyükbaş S., Kayhan BC
Pages 91 - 97

7.Right-Side Infective Endocarditis Mimicking A Ventricular Myxoma
Ali Acar, Vedat Turhan, Yılmaz Cingözbay, Ahmet Turan Yılmaz, Mehmet Çoban, Mehmet Uzun, Bilal Kaan İnan, Oral Öncül
Pages 98 - 100

8.Our Surgical Approach in Two Cases With Strabismus Fixus
Ahmet F. Nohutçu, Didem Esen, Ahmet Elbay
Pages 101 - 103

9.Perioperative Surgery Unrelated Nerve İnjuries; Case Reports and Review of The Literature
Taşkan Akdeniz, Tuncay Kaner, İbrahim Tutkan
Pages 104 - 107

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